School Information

School Information

La Verte Institute of English carries many students who have been learning English for many years.  Some of the students start their learning in early ages and continue to stay with us through kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, and after joining in workforce.  We strive to meet students’ need to find the best fit curriculum and schedule for students’ situations.

Why La Verte Institute of English?/La Verte Institute of English Features

1. Lessons conducted by certified English instructors with maximum of 4 students in a class.
2. The school carries cozy atmosphere, is well equipped with learning materials, and has an excellent customer support and care.
3. The monthly charged lesson fee is nice and reasonable.
4. Aside from the lessons, students can review and practice their English with E-learning material.
5. Good value! For students in primary to high school, “schooling” is included to the course to support their English learning.

“Schooling” is quick catch-up/review session for all students who are in primary to high school. 

“Schooling” does not only help better students’ comprehension but also enable them to review and confirm the materials and contents that they learned in lessons.

“Schooling” covers basic English to school English for primary to high school students and it not only helps students’ learning in the lessons with us but also English learning for their schools!

  1. Here at La Verte Institute of English, we provide “Schooling” for primary to high school students in order for them to have smooth acquisition. During Schooling, students are assisted by our bilingual teachers before or after the lesson and work on work sheets and related materials.
  2. “Schooling” also support students who study for taking Step Test (G5 to G2).
  3. “Schooling” will provide students with materials and assistance to accommodate their levels and needs in English learning.
  4. Almost 100% pass rate!! We are very active in preparation for Step Test.  We support students who are new to Step Test to experienced ones through written test to interview.  Students focus on vocabulary, reading comprehension, and listening assisted by bilingual teachers.  For interview preparation, we help students accustom to correspond with interviewers through experiencing interview simulation with our English instructors.
  5. La Verte Institute of English is a certified site for conducting Step Test. (We conduct Step Test in June and October every year.)

Fun Events!

La Verte Institute of English has fun events in every season!

  1. Spring Festival
  2. Star Festival
  3. Halloween Week
  4. Christmas Party
  5. …etc


Address: 4-3-33 Midori, Minami-ku, Hiroshima 734-0005

Phone: (082) 252-0109 (from overseas: +81-82-252-0109)